Mahsa Mahdinejad


Ph.D. Student

I am a Ph.D. student in the BDS lab at the University of Limerick. My research interests are Deep learning, Evolutionary Algorithms & Grammatical Evolution, Hybrid-Algorithms and Bioinformatics. I did my Bachelor's degree in Physics, a field that showed her how I can understand the world by analytical, computational and experimental approaches. I was a member of the Astronomy Society, the Student Union, and the organizing committee of several scientific conferences and charity events. I also joined the Hybrid Machines group in the Mechanical Engineering department. The other important part of academia that I have loved is doing research. I developed my first research experience during the two final year research projects that I did as part of my undergraduate studies (Measuring the Intercellular Electromagnetic Interaction and Designing and Building a Laser-based Apparatus for Distance Measuring. To prepare me for entering a postgraduate program, I committed myself to earn more experience in different research areas such as data science and computer programming. I have worked as an Intern at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, at the University of Limerick. In the first year of my Ph.D. I attended several workshops in different universities in AI titles. I have also published research work at various international conferences.