Birthplace of Grammatical Evolution

Mahsa Mahdinejad

phd student


“Mahsa is a PhD student in the BDS lab at University of Limerick. Her research interests are Deep learning, Evolutionary Algorithms & Grammatical Evolution, Hybrid-Algorithms and Bioinformatics. She did her Bachelor degree in Physics, a field that showed her how she can understand the world by analytical, computational and experimental approaches. She was a member of the Astronomy Society, the Student Union, and the organizing committee of several scientific conferences and charity events. She also joined the Hybrid Machines group in the Mechanical Engineering department. The other important part of academia that she has loved is doing research. She developed her first research experience during the two final year research projects that she did as part of her undergraduate studies (Measuring the Intercellular Electromagnetic Interaction and Designing and Building a Laser-based Apparatus for Distance Measuring. To prepare herself for entering a postgraduate program, she committed herself to earn more experience in different research areas such as data science and computer programming. She has worked as an Intern at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, at University of Limerick. She has published research work in various international conferences and journals.

Away from academia, she has gained invaluable work experience in different areas. She formed a startup which designed and implemented experimental setups for fascinating physics and chemistry experiments. They provided weekly lab classes at primary schools, held weekly lab sessions for children at the Isfahan Physics Center and planed public science exhibitions. She has also tutored high school students in mathematics, worked at the Shahre Ketab bookstores and taught English to children in kindergarten.”
Project: CRT-AI