libGE Project Homepage

Welcome to the libGE project homepage. libGE is a C++ library that implements the Grammatical Evolution mapping process. This mapping process, associated with any kind of search algorithm, translates a string of objects onto a program to be evaluated.

Typically, libGE is used by an evolutionary computation algorithm, providing a mapping from a genotypic structure onto a phenotypic structure. On its default implementation, it maps a string provided by a variable-length genetic algorithm onto a syntactically-correct program, whose language is specified by a BNF (Backus-Naur Form) context-free grammar.

The data structures provided with libGE are higly configurable, so then can be easily used for different kinds of problems. A set of mappers is provided, which can be extended to comply with different demands (e.g. different grammar formats, different mapping processes, etc).

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