Birthplace of Grammatical Evolution

Atif Atif

PhD Student


Atif is a PhD student in Biocomputing and Developemment Systems (BDS) Lab, Computer Science and Information System Department at University of Limerick Ireland. Previously, he worked as a Research Assistant in Namal College, Pakistan. He received his Bachelor degree in Computer Science from University of Bradford, UK

Project: Automatic Design of Digital Circuits (ADDC)

Research interests

He’s research interests includes:

Stock Market

Evolutionary Algorithms

Grammatical Evolution

Fitness Functions

Multi-Objective Optimization


On the Experience of Wrapping Beagle Puppy for Octave - IEEE Conference Publication

Open Beagle is a well-known framework for evolutionary computation. A miniature version of it is Beagle Puppy. Puppy allows running genetic programming (GP

Evolving MIMO multi-layered artificial neural networks using grammatical evolution

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