Birthplace of Grammatical Evolution

About BDS

The Biocomputing and Developmental System (BDS) Group at the University of Limerick is a multi-disciplinary group that works with cutting edge Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools. We are based in the Computer Science and Information Systems Department in UL and are part of Lero, the Irish Software Engineering Research Institute. The BDS is led by Prof. Conor Ryan, who invented the popular Grammatical Evolution system in 1998, along with two of his PhD students. The BDS consists of faculty, post-doctoral researchers, post-graduate students, programmers and interns, and we work with funding agencies as well as companies such as Intel, Dairymaster and S3Group.

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  • 6 PhDs
  • 3 Post Docs
  • 2 Faculty Member
  • 1 Softwared Developer
  • 15 PhDs Completed
  • More than 200 Publications
  • Multidisciplinary Projects
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