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Dr. Conor Ryan

Dr. Conor Ryan is the director of the Biocomputing and Developmental Systems group and is a Senior Lecturer in the Computer Science and Information Systems dept. He is the inventor of Grammatical Evolution and his research interests include Evolutionary Computation, Machine Learning, Flash Memory and Radiology. He has published...

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Dr. Atif Azad

Dr Atif Azad is a post doctoral researcher at the BDS group where his current research spans Memetic Learning in Genetic Programming, Automatic Parallel Programming with Grammatical Evolution, and endowing Automatic Programming with richer, problem specific constraints with Attribute Grammars. Dr Azad is currently co-supervising two PhD students and...

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James Patten

James is a postgraduate student with BSc in Multimedia and Computer Games Development from the University of Limerick and a Diploma in Information Technology from Dublin City University. He is working on the automatic generation of character behaviours for computer games and simulations using a combination of genetic programming...

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Gopinath Chennupati

I am working as a PhD student in building a machine learning tool called MAGE which will improve the performance of the Grammatical Evolutionary Algorithms. My role is to parallelize the Grammatical Evolution using the parallel programming techniques like OpenMp, MPI, and Hadoop, etc. I am interested in the...

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Fergal Lane

I am working as a PhD student in the BDS group. The core focus of my research is the use of machine learning techniques to augment and improve the efficiency of Genetic Programming (GP) algorithms, a particular subfield of Evolutionary Computation. In general, I am interested in the intersection...

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