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The Biocomputing and Developmental Systems (BDS) group is a multi-disciplinary group that uses machine learning techniques coarsely based on natural processes such as learning, cognition and evolution. We use tools such as Genetic Programming and Genetic Algorithms, and the BDS group is the home of Grammatical Evolution.

One advantage of using grammars as part of an evolutionary
computation tool is that one is effectively using the weapon of the
enemy against them

The BDS group conducts fundamental basic research into Evolutionary Computation, which is always grounded in practice. It is a cross-disciplinary group made up of individuals from Computer Science, Engineering, Operations Research and Medicine, and has produced 13 MSc and PhD students in the past ten years. We have worked on problems as diverse as:

Attribute Grammars
Automatic Software Engineering
Flash Memory Optimization
Solid State Disk (SSD) control

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