Dr. Meghana Nagori-Kshirsagar joins BDS

Dr. Meghana

Welcome to the group, Dr. Meghana Nagori-Kshirsagar ! Dr. Meghana will be working as Postdoc in the Automatic Design of Digital Circuits (ADDC) Project.

Dr. Meghana has vast experience as an Associate and Assistant Professor, and Data Science specialist at Government College of Engineering. Here, she has helped provide the strategic vision for the department moving forward as well as managing and delivering practical improvements to our operations. She has a proven record of working collaboratively with stakeholders at all levels, including the senior leadership team; liaising effectively to achieve success. She has a wealth of readily transferable management skills and make use of her interpersonal and negotiation ability on a daily basis. Her core skills include; excellent, wide-ranging IT ability, a broad range of project management knowledge and advanced research skills – specialising in the field of Data Science.
As an Associate Professor, she has gained experience of managing departments and undertaking complex research projects; publishing successfully on a large number of occasions. I have taught and mentored students at both undergraduate and post-graduate level; supervising dissertations and monitoring student performance. In addition to teaching, as a member of the board of studies, she has designed several courses and ensurthe curriculumlum is dynamic and appropriate. Fundamentally, she is passionate about the delivery of excellent learning opportunities for her students as well as ensuring the highest quality of research methodologies across all related research work. Additional successes include attaining funds and delivering invited talks in training Programmes.

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