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  • Dr. Conor Ryan Conor is the director the Biocomputing and Developmental System group. He has published over 100 refereed papers and more than a dozen books. He is the inventor of Grammatical Evolution, and has supervised eight PhDs on the topic.
  • Dr. Atif Azad Raja Muhammad Atif Azad is a post doctoral researcher with a B.E in Computer Software Engineering and a PhD in Computer Science. He is working towards design and analysis of Genetic Programming Algorithms to assist the radiologists in identifying suspicious patterns in mammograms. This work is being done in collaboration with BreastCheck Ireland. Also, he is examining the impact of life time learning in Genetic Programming in terms of accelerating evolution and reducing code growth.
  • Gopinath Chennupati I am working as a PhD student in building a machine learning tool called MAGE which will improve the performance of the Grammatical Evolutionary Algorithms. My role is to parallelize the Grammatical Evolution using the parallel programming techniques like OpenMp, MPI, and Hadoop, etc.
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The Biocomputing and Developmental Systems (BDS) group is a multi-disciplinary group that uses machine learning techniques coarsely based on natural processes such as learning, cognition and evolution. We use tools such as Genetic Programming and Genetic Algorithms, and the BDS group is the home of Grammatical Evolution.

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